Ms. Abramovitz, a third grade teacher from Indian Mills School in New Jersey, created this wonderful field guide for her students to use while following along the journey. Click to Download

Ms. Davison is a Kindergarten teacher in Vermont who wanted to share this lovely guide with you all. For any teachers looking to connect younger learners to the expedition, this is a wonderful resource for you! Click to Download.

Ms. Ivanova, an English teacher at a secondary school in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, created a great activity to go along with some of the initial articles from last week. This resource has a structure that can apply to many of the articles that Holly has created so far. Click to Download

Ms. Callis, a Librarian/Reading Enrichment Teacher in Tennessee, has shared this Nearpod Presentation she created to introduce the expedition as a springboard for research. She also created this Nearpod Presentation about writing a research paper using the Weddell Sea Expedition to guide students to conduct their own research on a global issue.