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Behind-the-Scenes with the Endurance22 Expedition Film-Making Team

Join Reach the World for a behind-the-scenes look at filmmaking on the Endurance22 Expedition! Tim will moderate a discussion with several members of the Endurance22 Expedition Media team, including documentary director Natalie Hewit, cameraman and drone pilot James Blake, and digital producer and presenter Saunders Carmichael-Brown. How does a team capture the real-life excitement of

Livestream with Endurance22 Expedition Sub-Sea Manager, Nico Vincent

Reach the World is excited to welcome veteran deep-sea explorer and Endurance22 Expedition Sub-Sea Manager, Nico Vincent! Nico is the mastermind behind the successful plan to locate and map “the most challenging shipwreck in the world”--Shackleton’s Endurance–in the icy Weddell Sea off Antarctica. When faced with a seemingly impossible set of environmental challenges, Nico

Polar Expeditions: From Past to Present

Join CIRES and Reach the World for a special joint livestream event! Polar expedition members Lianna Nixon (MOSAiC) and Timothy Jacob (Endurance22) will compare and contrast two modern polar expeditions and the historical expeditions (Fram Expedition and Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, respectively) that inspired them. We invite classrooms and the public to join in the discussion on polar science, the study

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